Minato vs Tobi - Rise of the Broken HD

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Meu Primeiro AMV ^^ .... Espero que gostem ,,, Musica - Cold Driven - Rise of the Broken I DO NOT OWN Naruto/Naruto Shippuden or Music or have any affiliation with the rightful owners. Copyrights go to their rightful owners, no infringement is intended. Copyright for the song goes to The Music Group-Cold Driven. Copyright for Naruto goes to Masashi Kishimoto and TV Toyko.

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Not sure if troll ... ( 1 year ago by SpokenWisconsin)
Not sure if troll or extremely retarded fan...
Array ( 1 year ago by Guilherme Luis)
"Ou a crian
ça morre" fala epica-sqn-
Damn this Itachi vs ... ( 1 year ago by peacewarriorangel)
Damn this Itachi vs Minato argument is still going on?
People keep trying ... ( 8 months ago by Angel C)
People keep trying to compare itachi and minato lol They're both clever, I just think that itachi is slower paced. The way we've seen him fight--calm, precise, tactical--it almost looks like he's never really put much effort into any of his battles. Minato seems like a quick thinker. Add that to his physical speed and it's a deadly combination. We'll probably never know who's better but if I HAD to vote...I think Minato would win, but only because I don't think Itachi's eyes would be able to keep up with Minato's speed.

Array ( 5 months ago by Carlos Pene)
go minato

@3:06 that ... ( 5 months ago by NoThank Yu)
@3:06 that beautiful moment where minato arrives in obitos blind spot, making his OP sharingan redundant!

i think toby had ... ( 4 months ago by Pcrauscher)
i think toby had lost this figth.

Besides Hashirama, ... ( 4 months ago by IgnisKing)
Besides Hashirama, Minato is probably the most poweful/dangerous kage of all of the villages.

2:52-3:16 to epic ... ( 4 months ago by pitterr5)
2:52-3:16 to epic for me >.> Keep up the good work

minato is the best ... ( 7 months ago by Patrick Byczkowski)
minato is the best and most badass motherfucking character in naruto

Array ( 3 days ago by Lilporter92)
Fucking nice

muito foda a musica ... ( 4 months ago by albino augusto)
muito foda a musica e
épico demais o vídeo
hickeeeey ... ( 3 months ago by Felipe Yakushi)

Array ( 3 months ago by çräzy dêmøn)

idk this song dont ... ( 5 months ago by Rom Kin)
idk this song dont match this at all imo good song just not the one to use x.x

i didnt relise that ... ( 5 months ago by amjad klaus)
i didnt relise that move minato did when he thro the weapn on top of the enemy head and while it was in the air he telported into it thats sooooo fucking sick sasuke my ass

Array ( 5 months ago by Ichigo Uzimaki)

Array ( 2 months ago by Greeknext1)
zalypa ebanaya

Array ( 8 months ago by hebrux)
3:07 epic...

if obito had the 9 ... ( 7 months ago by Mr. Smith)
if obito had the 9 tails at this point, why the hell did he set it loose on the village? if he didnt he could have avoided all the trouble of having to fight a war with all villages combined

Array ( 1 month ago by Diogo Costa)
ta fixe

I just got into ... ( 4 months ago by Nothumanful WM)
I just got into Naruto (I haven't gotten to shippuden yet) so this may be a stupid question but did Minato know that Obito was Tobi? (Tobi is Obito correct?)

*I change my mind ... ( 2 months ago by Kazashi Kenzo)
*I change my mind and appear outside of suna and take a deep breath before walking inside of the village with a small frown as i look to where i think my target will be and begin to walk towards the kazekage mansion*

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