One Piece Manga Chapter 695 - Preview Discussion - Flying Doflamingo

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Previewing One Piece Chapter 695 For More of My Anime/Manga Reviews:

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I think all should ... ( 1 year ago by Omegadra)
I think all should take to account that the old Guy refered to Doflamingo as "Young Master" so that makes me wonder does Doflamingo have Reltives that are even stronger then Him.
I think Dofla will ... ( 1 year ago by gojiack)
I think Dofla will actually "eff shit up". My prediction is that Dofla will actually take control of Luffy, and wipe the floor with using him (theoretically Dofla can use Luffy's power via those "strings"). I'm even expecting a possible death of Law, just to ram the point home... Also I expect Smoker to be the one who saves the day, simply because he will be immune to Dofla's "Strings" - and he'll probably fight him while giving the Strawhats time to escape.
Hello! I'm ... ( 1 year ago by Andriy Zagulski)
Hello! I'm Jessica.I did -20 lbs in one week.Visit\#Xnga
I hope Monet is ... ( 1 year ago by FFSultrAslan)
I hope Monet is dead but this is One Piece. Oda doesn't like to kill off characters for no divine reason and he once said that we will only see character's dying in FB's. But what do I know ...
Yeah cause Robin ... ( 1 year ago by Smaterasu)
Yeah cause Robin is'nt super intelligent. What the actual fucking shit
The samurai will ... ( 1 year ago by capetanpaul)
The samurai will join the crew... You might be thinking he is dead, but why did they bring his stone body with them if he was dead? His son is a dragon... The reason they join is to find a cure for the son. And his ability is stupid, and we know that some abilities that are stupid are super strong in reality... .
luffy said he ... ( 1 year ago by SuperVanGoD)
luffy said he wanted 10 ppl in his crew, he got them now (jimbei will join in after he takes cares some business) so, no monet or baby 5 or anyone else for now at least
i dont know why ... ( 1 year ago by d3monsh4dowlycan)
i dont know why anyone hasnt thought this but doflamingo probably has the skywalk ability like sanji and cp9
2 things I'm ... ( 1 year ago by gojiack)
2 things I'm certain we'll see about Doflamingo. 1) A proper explanation of his Devil Fruit power, and 2) An explanation as to whatever his connection/history is with Momonoske. (remember his flashback/hallucination of him that freaked him out had Doflamingo's face in it) And third - I definetly don't think he'll go down here. Too many characters are left at Dresrosa that aren't acocunted for... unless there's a "Master of the house" we don't know about (Dofla is called "young master" :P)
u only analyze ... ( 1 year ago by SuperVanGoD)
u only analyze possibilities of joker actually reaching the island with straw-hats, law, g5 still there he may reach too late, we dont even know how close dressrosa is to punk hazard
when is the next ... ( 1 year ago by usernamesfinished)
when is the next manga going to be released ? i've been waiting for 2 weeks :/
A Logia doesn't ... ( 1 year ago by FFSultrAslan)
A Logia doesn't change automatically, the user has to do it on command. When you see the admirals, Smoker, Croco-boy or Enel staying unaffected, that's because they have a certain control over their fruit. For example when Luffy rushed into the restaurant in Alabasta he was able to send Smoker flying because Smoker was unaware of him thus didn't take any actions to change his body to smoke.
He is the law ( 1 year ago by shisul uchiha)
He is the law
He doesnt Fly ... ( 1 year ago by XOISdaGENIUS)
He doesnt Fly HAHAAHA He just use the CP9 Technique (AiR WALK)!!!
yea this hidden ... ( 1 year ago by Zaki Fadleik)
yea this hidden wire/string giving doflamingo the ability to control people's movement like puppet, can cut through oar's leg, and make a straight path line from Dressrosa to punk hazard which he calls it 'sky way'.
I think he controls ... ( 1 year ago by Turrin B)
I think he controls wires and he's walking on those wires, not truly flying.
Trafalgar Law and ... ( 1 year ago by SmokerTaisho)
Trafalgar Law and Mugiwara better stay out of my way.... Flamingo is mine!
I am hoping for ... ( 1 year ago by Ratonga)
I am hoping for Momonosuke.
I wonder if samurai ... ( 1 year ago by Ordinary Mevaker Edwin)
I wonder if samurai guy would join his term, maybe zoro would able to learn his fire/expolsion chopping skills.
Wtf do u think ... ( 1 year ago by J Rizz)
Wtf do u think doflamingos power is. He made a wierd hand gesture and cut off a giants leg in the war. Now he flies!!
more like jumping ... ( 1 year ago by Shadowgreed)
more like jumping on it
pure guesswork but ... ( 1 year ago by A Id)
pure guesswork but on the last page of the 694 in one of the panels where doflamingos flying there's what appears to be wires swaying behind him so id assume a wire power of some kind
hes using haki hes ... ( 1 year ago by TechGamer)
hes using haki hes kicking the air sanji can do it too but this means donflamingo haki is super beyond vergo's

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