Naruto 618 Manga Chapter Review - Return Of The Hokage

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My review of Naruto manga chapter 618, The Ones Who Know Everything. Let's Plays: Movie & TV Reviews: Facebook: Twitter:

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Not trying to be a ... ( 1 year ago by miliboy3077)
Not trying to be a troll or anything but for someone who's reviewing Naruto you need to have a decent or above average knowledge of the manga. The fact that you didn't know why the mask was in Uzumaki village or not only 3rd and 4th but also 1st and 2nd souls been sealed away by the dead demon consuming seal tells me you need to go back and read the whole manga again.
Yep. It's stupid, ... ( 1 year ago by LuffyTheDragonSlayer)
Yep. It's stupid, annoying, and a waste of time. I'm not gonna put up with bullshit, whether from subscribers or not.
All of you people ... ( 1 year ago by 1PceXperience)
All of you people in the comment's section who say this chapter was bad... Bless your hearts. Finally someone sees the light :)
This chapter just ... ( 1 year ago by atengen)
This chapter just cements our theories from long ago, that kishi is making plot devices as he goes...I love that the 4th hokage is back, but this was a terrible chapter.
I hope they don't ... ( 1 year ago by Pencil Freak)
I hope they don't stay for long, for me Naruto has always been about the new generation but yet the older ninjas are continuously being summoned back to life...
kk i did :) ( 1 year ago by samik3100)
kk i did :)
uhm there were ... ( 1 year ago by LetsTalkOnePiece)
uhm there were probably a few pages missing in the manga panda versions, because we saw him free the four souls of the kage and his sealed arms and we saw a whole healing shout thing. Please go read at mangastream, better yet just wait for the mangastream release.
it annoys me that ... ( 1 year ago by Mason Micheal)
it annoys me that Orochimaru can come back anytime he wants to and Jiraiya and Tsunade are the ones who die i mean really he's creepy
DUDE I LOVE YOUR ... ( 1 year ago by Hasmerninja)
AHAHAHA....Sorry I ... ( 1 year ago by KonanOfTheAkatsuki1)
AHAHAHA....Sorry I busted up laughing when you were like "Oh the Teletubbies!" Good work :)
do u care if people ... ( 1 year ago by samik3100)
do u care if people subscribe and like?
i watch ur review ... ( 1 year ago by samik3100)
i watch ur review then i watch wayer7mage both of r really good, u should check his, u dont hav to xp
onepiece sells more ... ( 1 year ago by arkajkf gedsufns)
onepiece sells more copies than naruto plus the other top 10 manga sales put together, plus ur #1 spot most likely comes from mangareader, that just means how much ppl read the manga, i believe onepiece is way better and deeper story, also it doesnt leave it's characters in the wind then bring them back for a chapter to have them killed...neji....i personally read naruto cause i wanna know how to story ends but i read onepiece and others cause i wanna know the story.
That was the point ... ( 1 year ago by Perusluku)
That was the point of getting the mask, I think. So that they could use Edo Tensei on the Third and Fourth. I wonder what Orochimaru is going to do, now that he has control of some of the most powerful ninja in history. Who will he fuck up? Dunno. We'll find out.
Tobi is going to ... ( 1 year ago by MultiAngelguy)
Tobi is going to take 9 tails away from Naruto some how he is not going to die, then Naruto is going to get the 9tails chacra that Minato seal, 10 tails vs new naruto bad ( 1 year ago by Psytrance) bad
Someone else left ... ( 1 year ago by LuffyTheDragonSlayer)
Someone else left that same original comment on another one of my videos. Clearly it makes no sense so I replied to the comment asking them to make sense. This person then thought it would be funny to reply to me with the same nonsensical comment on that video and I told him it was dumb. Then he came to this video and posted the same nonsensical spam.
Stupid comment. ... ( 1 year ago by LuffyTheDragonSlayer)
Stupid comment. Troll is not only a stupid ass word but how does it apply here at all? It doesn't.
Do it again and ... ( 1 year ago by LuffyTheDragonSlayer)
Do it again and you're blocked.
you doesnt seem to ... ( 1 year ago by yang hon)
you doesnt seem to be very enthusiastic towards this chapter, hmm... I tot it is a good chapter
U MAD BRO? ( 1 year ago by MazakuKami)
Of course I want ... ( 1 year ago by LuffyTheDragonSlayer)
Of course I want people to subscribe, what youtuber doesn't?
when he cut the ... ( 1 year ago by xSasuNaruAmutox)
when he cut the belly of he shinigami it released the sealed sole (including his arms)

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