Expectations: Naruto Manga Chapter 616 & One Piece 696-- Naruto vs Sasuke Final Fight in 2013

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Image in the thumbnail by:http://nuu.deviantart.com/ Expectations for 2013??? Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/b6wmkd5

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So it's be ... ( 1 year ago by TheKarjee)
So it's be something like in the Forest of death when you have Sasuke and Sakura fighting Orochimaru with Naruto showing up the save the day before Sasuke got an Itachi flashback and went ape shit.
wrong, kabuto got ... ( 1 year ago by God-Emperor of Mankind)
wrong, kabuto got SM by absorbing senjutsu from nature thanks to training with the sage snake. oro puts senjutsu into his curse seals because he CANT use dragon sage mode properly. kabuto has no curse seal. orochimaru only took the flesh/cells that kabuto absorbed into him earlier.so kabuto should still have SM. oro doesnt have his own body back. but merely a makeshift copy made from the chakra in ankos seal and the flesh from kabuto. meaning hes not immortal and much weaker
do you really not ... ( 1 year ago by runescapevid2k9)
do you really not know the difference?....
GET THE WEAK ASS ... ( 1 year ago by Necrosis Pain)
Who the fuck care ... ( 1 year ago by Leonardo Teixeira leite de Barros)
Who the fuck care about Naruto, Doflamingo is coming!
IKr why is naruto ... ( 1 year ago by Josiah Walls)
IKr why is naruto still a genin he's freakin fought pain and won
how about naruto ... ( 1 year ago by Adam Hajji)
how about naruto smashes a rasengan in kakashi's face? it's been 615 chapters and we still haven't seen his face
Though ice and snow ... ( 1 year ago by Kaelob Riley)
Though ice and snow are both made up of water, there is a difference between the two. Snow is nothing but the frozen atmospheric vapour which falls in winters on earth as light flakes whereas ice is simply frozen water. Another difference is that snow fall can be seen only in winters at areas of high altitudes and places near the Polar regions whereas ice can be seen in any season of the year in our refrigerator.
yes, i do. i even ... ( 1 year ago by reviewmaster007)
yes, i do. i even strongly believe it because coby is such an ambitious character and he just keep getting stronger and stronger. and they never really had a good 1v1 battle, because they want to save that for later.
you know whats ... ( 1 year ago by qarcon)
you know whats funny....majority of people who hate sasuke live outside of japan...in fact people like sasuke more than naruto in japan
How come there is ... ( 1 year ago by Orhan Soskic)
How come there is no one piece or naturo manga the last two weeks? Nothing aaah??
I want to know why ... ( 1 year ago by Gab Cat)
I want to know why kakashi killed rin!?
last fight is ... ( 1 year ago by synn4life)
last fight is sasuke, naruto & sakura vs orochimaru , orochimaru dubs them the new sannin of the leaf & is defeated via naruto talk no jutsu :P
i swear if ... ( 1 year ago by void)
i swear if kishimoto forgets about the naruto vs sasuke fight im going to beat the living shit out of him so chapter 616 better not be the last one
3:18 to skip the ... ( 1 year ago by bubbleheadash)
3:18 to skip the One Piece predictions if you want it
I think the Tsunade ... ( 1 year ago by Ricardo Almeida)
I think the Tsunade will die. Because the Tsunade will give her life for the lifes of the other Kages.
@Kemalishus Holy ... ( 1 year ago by crob1998able)
@Kemalishus Holy Hell you were right!!!
I wondered that too ... ( 1 year ago by Anderson J)
I wondered that too, either her or Sakura will end up with Sasuke, if any girl does that is, I still think he dies by the end of the series
you dont like ... ( 1 year ago by VEGETO SSJGOD3)
you dont like naruto? why??
why is he talking ... ( 1 year ago by zack carden)
why is he talking Spanish now?????
yeah, or maybe it's ... ( 1 year ago by TheNandato)
yeah, or maybe it's an OP kinda of logia. Ao Kiji could freeze water and walk on it so a water logia could just stay on top of the ocean , don't you think?
Sakura and Tobi ... ( 1 year ago by tija1012)
Sakura and Tobi should die....they are the only people i don't like that's left.
Having an immortal ... ( 1 year ago by Gearfire)
Having an immortal body never made Orochimaru weaker than his original body. Only if the body he chose was stronger than his original body would his immortal body be stronger. This is why he wanted and Uchiha's body. They never state the original powers of his host bodies so we can't assume they were stronger than his body. Also Orochimaru knows very well the functioning of nature chakra and how to even release SM. The only thing he lacked was a body strong enough to get into it and use it.

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