How to Draw Manga: Head Shape & Facial Features

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2009? Are you ... ( 2 weeks ago by GirlWhoPvps)
2009? Are you foreal? more like 2014

i like your taking ... ( 2 months ago by stella osegbowa)
i like your taking :) and the video is good :D

Array ( 1 week ago by christine perroni)
thank s

really helped me a ... ( 2 months ago by gagan hk)
really helped me a lot.... liked and subscribed

Array ( 5 days ago by SoRandom)
new subber :3

(OOC: Your my ... ( 3 days ago by Japan)
(OOC: Your my favorite artist on Youtube! You inspired me to draw anime and manga, and I just wanted to say thank you very much! <3)

I've always hated ... ( 2 days ago by Chillydojo AJ)
I've always hated guide lines! I never thought they'd really help or be useful. When you said if you don't like guidelines then you might not wanna do this or whatever, I WAS REALLY GONNA SCREAM! But then I knew you were awesome at drawing manga! So I decided to try this. When I thought my eyes would derp or whatever THAT PROBLEM'S SOLVED! My drawing turned out perfect! Thank you so much! This was very very very helpful!

Any tips on how to ... ( 2 months ago by LAMProductions99)
Any tips on how to draw a stinkin OVAL?...

I have been drawing ... ( 2 months ago by Skpixel)
I have been drawing as long as I can remember, and this REALLY helped me out. Thanks! Subbed & liked

I bought your book ... ( 1 month ago by Kimberly Fitzsimons)
I bought your book for my daughter. Since she's been using it, her drawings have improved. She still has to work on some things, but is getting closer everyday. I showed her your video today. She was very excited. By the time she turns 14 next Sept, she'll be an expert (shoot for the stars right?). Thank you so much for teaching others your craft!!!! ^
This is so ... ( 1 month ago by LegendaryLegend)
This is so unbelievably nostalgic and inspiring. I remember like a few years ago I watched this video and ever since, I was so inspired to do manga. I was so proud of myself because my art looked good for once xD Thanks for inspiring me to do manga ever since I first watched this video <3

You're amazing!!! ... ( 4 months ago by Guineth Sanchez)
You're amazing!!! You inspired me to do more drawings. Last year I stopped drawing but then I saw you're video's and you made me wanna draw more!!!!

Subscribed. I want ... ( 1 month ago by Captain Patz)
Subscribed. I want to be a manga artist like you, I was surprised by your excellent tutorials, this really helped me.

I'll NEVER un- ... ( 1 month ago by Tryndamix Loryen)
I'll NEVER un-subscriber from this channel, NEVER.

SUBSCRIBE ALL THE ... ( 3 months ago by sterling adams)
SUBSCRIBE ALL THE WAY this video produced my best drawing ever

This video was the ... ( 3 months ago by CyberUniverseGaming)
This video was the only video on youtube which acctualy made sense and was easy and gave me a good artwork to end with......THX :D

She kinda looks ... ( 1 month ago by The Sufferer Gaming)
She kinda looks like Sasha Braus in away from AoT :3 +Female
Ψiioniic Hi Heaven c:
Array ( 2 weeks ago by Marlo Roque)

Subscribed! This is ... ( 3 months ago by JeremyDoesGames)
Subscribed! This is so helpful and useful, as is the rest of your tutorials ;)

Thx my friend and I ... ( 2 weeks ago by Audrey Morales)
Thx my friend and I tried to draw this manga and it actually went pretty well thx for all and u draw pretty nice hair :P

the writing utensil ... ( 1 week ago by Michael Jones)
the writing utensil you use to darken your likes is that just like a regular black colored pencil or what?

It i's an honor to ... ( 2 months ago by Harvey Dent)
It i's an honor to sub to a person that gives competent tutorials.

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