How to Draw Manga: Head Shape & Facial Features

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Mark!!!Good news!!! ... ( 2 months ago by Nami Nasz)
Mark!!!Good news!!! YOU have a NEW SUBSCRIBER!!!!!!

This video just ... ( 3 weeks ago by Ari Kang)
This video just helps me in so many ways it is so hard to explain! It helped me develop my anime drawing. Thank you for uploading these helpful videos! :3

After 17 minutes ... ( 5 months ago by Hiocoie100)
After 17 minutes and 12 pieces of paper ripped in half and thrown away, I have yet to make a goddamn circle. I don't think I should draw.

Hey can you draw ... ( 1 week ago by Playstation 4)
Hey can you draw headphones from a front view instead of side.

Thank you so much ... ( 1 week ago by bloomb132)
Thank you so much Sensei..... just kidding but thanks a lot i just started drawing these characters and i watched ur video and it helped me a lot im gonna order ur book when i get the time and money xD but still thxs a lot ur videos helped and were very simple i really appreciate ur help because im a nooby even my friend said my art improved owe it all to u man thxs again for sharing the knowledge :D

I wanted to get ... ( 1 week ago by The Celestic Warrior)
I wanted to get into drawing and...I still kinda suck. XD But this video definitely helped out a bunch! Thanks for this. :D

Any tips on how to ... ( 6 days ago by LAMProductions99)
Any tips on how to draw a stinkin OVAL?...

OMG THANKS SO MUCH ... ( 1 week ago by CPpengu)

great video (do i ... ( 5 days ago by ROBB INN)
great video (do i get a thanks too? :D)

i can't even get ... ( 5 days ago by CS X)
i can't even get the circle for the guide lines right ;,(

aahh the good old ... ( 1 month ago by Parker Lamb)
aahh the good old crappy quality youtube videos (i hate crappy quality)

is it me or does ... ( 1 day ago by Mia Nelson)
is it me or does she look like the potatoe girl from attack on titan

Reminds me of Sasha ... ( 1 week ago by Johnny Inferno)
Reminds me of Sasha on AOT...

Omg! Thank you! ... ( 3 months ago by Miku Hatsune)
Omg! Thank you! This helped me so much as a manga artist!

Ah! I just followed ... ( 1 month ago by hikaridemon)
Ah! I just followed this video and dang, my drawing came out good! I hope to one day purchase your mastering manga book one day!

Array ( 1 month ago by Ranjodh Shergill)
No Blushies?

mark: if you hate ... ( 3 months ago by DMZ GTRS)
mark: if you hate guide lines you gonna hate this video Me: DAMMIT! 5 minutes after. Me: Omg this guy is awesome!

O.M.G this is the ... ( 3 months ago by Nicole Burns)
O.M.G this is the best i've ever drawn so I might get the book

i like your taking ... ( 2 weeks ago by stella osegbowa)
i like your taking :) and the video is good :D

really helped me a ... ( 1 week ago by gagan hk)
really helped me a lot.... liked and subscribed

You're amazing!!! ... ( 1 month ago by Guineth Sanchez)
You're amazing!!! You inspired me to do more drawings. Last year I stopped drawing but then I saw you're video's and you made me wanna draw more!!!!

SUBSCRIBE ALL THE ... ( 1 month ago by sterling adams)
SUBSCRIBE ALL THE WAY this video produced my best drawing ever

Nice! Subscribed ... ( 1 week ago by Narthaniel Watts)
Nice! Subscribed and liked!

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