Review - Naruto 618 - The Hokage Revived!

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Might start doing these again! What do you think?
★EXTRA TAGS DO NOT READ BELOW!★ ---------------------------------------------------------------- Naruto Uzumaki (Young) with 1-Tail awakening Naruto Uzumaki (Teen) with 4-Tail awakening Naruto Uzumaki (Teen) with Tailed Beast Chakra Mode awakening Naruto Uzumaki (Sage Mode) with 6-Tails awaken
ing Sasuke Uchiha (Young) with CS2 awakening Sasuke Uchiha (Teen) with CS2 awakening Sasuke Uchiha (Taka) Sasuke Uchiha (Kage Arc) with Susanoo awakening Sakura Haruno (Young) Sakura Haruno (Teen) Kakashi Hatake (Teen) Kakashi Hatake (Adult) Asuma Sarutobi Ino Yamanaka (Young) Ino Yamanaka (Teen) Sh
ikamaru Nara (Young) Shikamaru Nara (Teen) Choji Akamichi (Young) Choji Akamichi (Teen) Might Guy Tenten (Young) Tenten (Teen) Neju Hyuga (Young) Neju Hyuga (Teen) Rock Lee (Young) Rock Lee (Teen) Hinata Hyuga (Young) Hinata Hyuga (Teen) Shino Aburame (Young) Shino Aburame (Teen) Kiba Inuzuka (Young
) Kiba Inuzuka (Teen) Jiraiya Sai Minato Namikaze Chiyo Obito Uchiha Zabuza Momochi Haku Killer Bee Ay (4th Raikage) Mei (5th Mizukage) Ohnoki (3rd Tsuchikage) Hashirama Senju (First Hokage) Tobirama Senju (Second Hokage) Hiruzen Sarutobi (Third Hokage) Tsunade (Fifth Hokage) Yamato Danzo Shimura Ki
mimaro Kaguya Gaara (Young) Gaara (Teen) Temari (Young) Temari (Teen) Kankuro (Young) Kankuro (Teen) Orochimar...

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you are wrong as ... ( 1 year ago by karuchibi)
you are wrong as fuck!! having some1's dna all u need is fidn a living human to sacrifice his soul...this ritual will invoke the soul of the person u want to revive to reside the body u sacrified for edotensei.. fo exemple nagato was edotenseid by kabuto but the original body of nagato (with rinnegan) was found by tobi..
the storyline is ... ( 1 year ago by theyamahacoolman)
the storyline is getting more and more unpredictable and interesting
if tobirama can't ... ( 1 year ago by karuchibi)
if tobirama can't form hand signs then how is he going to fight?..and if he isnt going to fight but tellls the truth to sasuke instead..then he wouldnt be under controll since oro has to cancel the edotensei controll on him to make him speak freely so??
if u dont like my ... ( 1 year ago by karuchibi)
if u dont like my comment :simple just dont read it...its briallant solution isnt it??...,,bunch of fucking dumbs stupids
y u said maybe? ( 1 year ago by Ben OtakuXx)
y u said maybe?
sealed in the ... ( 1 year ago by TiiM3Zz)
sealed in the fourth hokage
Feels weird seeing ... ( 1 year ago by AxFAN16)
Feels weird seeing u do these but great review and let's hope for awesome news today
Woah Woah relax. ... ( 1 year ago by HystericalGameZ)
Woah Woah relax. This is a little too much of a big reaction.
1- Garra was ... ( 1 year ago by karuchibi)
1- Garra was revived by chio ba sama.. 2-hundreds of the poeple of konoha were revived by nagato's rinnetensei no jutsu... 3-akatsuki were edotenseid..madara uchiha as well 4- hashirama and tobirama were edo tenseid twice. what?? TWICE!!!! 5- orochimaru himself dided like twice and was sealed for good by totsuka sword and he is still alive?.. conclusion : i never saw world war were poeple get revived instead of dying...this is an asspull...death in naruto should be epic and has meaning
Oh i enjoyed it :) ( 1 year ago by MrBulldog714)
Oh i enjoyed it :)
jiraiya cannot be ... ( 1 year ago by Lewt Shogun-Shien)
jiraiya cannot be revived unless somebody searches for him down in the sea while everybody except kisame would die due to pressure. the edo tensei needs the souls of the people, thats why orochimaru could use it without possessing their bodies. orochimaru was not revived, he just didnt die.
i was 99.9 % sure ... ( 1 year ago by Youssef Ahmed)
i was 99.9 % sure that the one who knew every thing were the hokages .. i wasn't alone many had the same theory but what made it suspicious was how can the hokages be revived .. and this chapter is just Epic !
lol ( 1 year ago by jasoom ahmad)
Lol I'll only do ... ( 1 year ago by HystericalGameZ)
Lol I'll only do Chapters like this, that piqued my interest.
he couldnt even ... ( 1 year ago by karuchibi)
he couldnt even counterargument me...all he did is being childich..i dont give a shit if he blocks me but im sure he knows that im right
3:41 or sealing ... ( 1 year ago by JD1FF)
3:41 or sealing them
YAY THE KAGES BACK! ... ( 1 year ago by josh lolo)
YAY THE KAGES BACK! It will wb funny if Hashirama run to the war place and see Tsunade half dead XD
Chiyo* Died, thus ... ( 1 year ago by HystericalGameZ)
Chiyo* Died, thus making her Jutsu Balanced. + She was the only one that could use it. Oro splitting himself was Genius. Are you like a Neji fanboy or something? Nobody during the war has used any Revival Jutsu, because the only one that Can is Tobi, so Neji is remaining dead unless Tobi decides to Nagato it out. Jiraiya was too far away for the Rinne Tensei Jutsu. If he keeps Tobirama under control so he can't form hand signs, then Tobirama can't release himself from the Jutsu. Thats It.
Edo Tensei doesn't ... ( 1 year ago by TheOneTrueSonic)
Edo Tensei doesn't need the soul of person, it needs their cells and sacrificial host that the spirit will reside in. Jiraiya can't be revived because his body is at the bottom of the ocean, therefore eliminating any chances of obtaining his cells. orochimaru had to use the reaper death seal because the 3rd and 4th were incapable of being recalled because they're souls were being held captive by the shinigami.
MY POINT... ... ( 1 year ago by karuchibi)
They gonna rape ... ( 1 year ago by Array)
They gonna rape madara
Hope you guys enjoy! ( 1 year ago by HystericalGameZ)
Hope you guys enjoy!
He had to go to the ... ( 10 months ago by Logan Wilson)
He had to go to the shrine all 4 late were sealed in the shinigami, the third hokage while fighting oorochimaru sealed the first two hokage and himself as is the price of the reaper death seal, the fourth was sealed because he used the seal on the nine tails yin half as to help naruto better control kurama, so they had to go to the shrine and you have to have some DNA as well. He had none left of the first second third or fourth so he had to literally bind the souls to the bodies of the zetsu

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