Naruto Chapter 618 Review "The Return of The Kage's!!!!!"

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My Review For Chapter 618 of Naruto, overall an awesome chapter of naruto....the hokage's being brought back opens up alot of possibilities going foward

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if hashirama and ... ( 1 year ago by eiji niizuma)
if hashirama and tobirama are unable to break the edo tensei i call total bs rival dont you find it rid that the uzumaki shrine was in the uchiha ward they didnt need a uzumaki to release the seal or the fact kushina never mentioned anything about this shrine to naruto A LIVING UZUMAKI what do you think?
it was an " ... ( 1 year ago by TheCriticalLimit)
it was an "interesting" chapter. I wouldn't say awesome lol
Hey swordsman I'm ... ( 1 year ago by UchihaRemain92)
Hey swordsman I'm back!!!! Go check out my review man maybe drop a comment! And we need to do a love stream on black ops sometime bro!
Good review zoro. ... ( 1 year ago by FireFistShanks1)
Good review zoro. And thanks for bringing up the breaking the seal point, i forgot about that. But .. i dont sense enough fanboying !! everyone has to come together and fanboy over this chapter xD
Those plot devices ... ( 1 year ago by TheCriticalLimit)
Those plot devices man they chain down that fanboyism. I'm willing to ignore them if the fight's don't suck though. We'll see.
Hey im a new anime ... ( 1 year ago by TheRetroShinigami)
Hey im a new anime reviewer in the anime community so it would make me happy if guys could check out my videos , i just started making videos so there average but trust me when i get more used to making videos they will improve so please if u like my content please subscribe and thank you
No only madara was ... ( 1 year ago by CaptainSpaceBear)
No only madara was revived at his best because kabuto altered the dna that way
no because if you ... ( 1 year ago by ZoroFanboy124)
no because if you remember lady chiyo was not brought back in her prime
The problem I have ... ( 1 year ago by mancia525)
The problem I have with this chapter is that I can't see Sasuke staying bad anymore. He's about to talk to four people that chose peace over revenge. This especially applies to the first, who chose to make a treaty with the Uchiha, who were then known as vengeful fighters. The hokage can't add to Sasuke's idea that revenge is necessary, they can only refute that idea. I DO however think that seeing the Hokage go bat shit crazy on the battlefield would be awesome XD
Agreed. Kishi f** ... ( 1 year ago by 645akz)
Agreed. Kishi f**ked up ever since he used Pain to bring people back from the dead. No really, he f**ked up the quality of his manga ever since then. I'm not saying I wanted all the major character to die, but they shouldn't have died in the first place INSTEAD of being brought back to life. Anyway on to topic, I don't care for any more 'rule breaking' Kishi does. I just want to see an epic battle between the STRONGEST now in the Naruto Universe. Can't wait!!!
I wanna see Obito ... ( 1 year ago by Joseph Cregier)
I wanna see Obito and Kakashi meeting Minato. And of course, Hashirama meeting Madara again.
thats true...and it ... ( 1 year ago by karuchibi)
thats true...and it was so easy for him to recover his arms...while it seemed impossible...also if he spent time resarching in the ruins of uzumakis how to recover his arms sure kabuto would know about it as well and resurect the previous hokages befor oro
During episode " ... ( 1 year ago by Lord Orochimaru)
During episode "Battle of the Sannin" At the end of the battle coming to conclusion that Tsuande won't heal his arms. Orochimaru states he has other ways of retrieving his arms then is constantly wanting to get the Sharingan.
sasuke + hashirama ... ( 1 year ago by blazerex5)
sasuke + hashirama = rinnegan
Kishi is breaking ... ( 1 year ago by Smoker71311)
Kishi is breaking rules but hyped up again
U should have did ... ( 1 year ago by BlueSakuga)
U should have did an livestream for this ;)
yea i read the ... ( 1 year ago by ZoroFanboy124)
yea i read the chapter in the livestream on my channel yesterday lol, so i had already seen it
He created this ... ( 1 year ago by Granpulsefalcie)
He created this world, he makes up his own rules.
good review zoro! ( 1 year ago by Double4anime)
good review zoro!
Considering that ... ( 1 year ago by Rivalhopeso)
Considering that Sasuke & co are probably gonna hit the war how is it gonna work? because i think minato and naruto need to fight. or minato and kakashi and obito. or... uuurggh i dunno! 3 different parties makes it really confusing :/ And if sasuke and naruto are gonna fight how does kishi intend on setting the scene. this really has spiked the level of interest i have for this war ark lol. Also, nice concise review. i could have rambled about this forever xD
well if that is the ... ( 1 year ago by ZoroFanboy124)
well if that is the case, then why didn't madara break the seal before kabuto released it? also if the second and first just end up breaking the seal, that makes oro look pretty stupid for not knowing that the hokages could just break them....that would be a HUGE PLOT DEVICE
lol, that soo true, ... ( 1 year ago by ZoroFanboy124)
lol, that soo true, but it shows how important of a character he is
I wish you started ... ( 1 year ago by perfectsusanoo05)
I wish you started your reviews with your hand on the cam,taking it off , so when i watch multiple they look syncronized XD

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