How To Pick Up Girls On Valentine's Day!

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Shirts Available Now - How To Pick Up Girls On Valentine's Day So I went out on Valentines Day and got few numbers!! Hope You enjoy!!! Subscribe to my second channel for more pranks and vlogs Send me some personal love here :) P.O Box 7937 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Follow me on:!/Vitalyzdtv Follow my fan page: Instagram -Vitalyzdorovetskiy

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I'm not sure if ... ( 6 months ago by dejonal)
I'm not sure if Vitaly got game or white women are a bit easy to hook-up with.

Array ( 1 month ago by Gage Scott)
Why can't I sub wtf

wtf the polish girl ... ( 4 months ago by jimmy doodad)
wtf the polish girl had a boyfriend but still gave him her number !

This is more like ... ( 3 weeks ago by lonelyboy323)
This is more like how to annoy a girl on valentines

This guy must get ... ( 2 weeks ago by Matthew Caligari)
This guy must get so much pussy.

Array ( 2 weeks ago by Mitchell Carson)
What is the intro!?

Чувак охуеннен! ... ( 1 week ago by maga lamro)
Чувак охуеннен! Подписался недавно, каждый видос - ржака
I see many comments ... ( 2 weeks ago by DarkBungleX)
I see many comments from people envious but anyone can do this. Im not as good looking as this guy and I used to do the same thing. It's all confidence and not accepting no, but getting number is pointless as time away is enemy of fast pick up. If you act like your higher status than the chick they will take you home that night. Just go try

Is Vitaly the next ... ( 1 week ago by Jose Cabrera)
Is Vitaly the next Sam Pepper.

U fuck and ass ... ( 1 week ago by Sauske Uhiha)
U fuck and ass whole shit I hate this video fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Uu

epicfive is the ... ( 1 week ago by grimes monn)
epicfive is the best , EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC

Vitaly should have ... ( 3 days ago by purepwnge1)
Vitaly should have said at the end, "you don't have herpes right?

Отличное видео! ( 2 days ago by TheDimanGames)
Отличное видео!
Nice Vitaly that ... ( 1 day ago by Supa Dave)
Nice Vitaly that last girl was pretty and you can tell she was a freak she know how to use her mouth

Vitaly, you're the ... ( 7 months ago by WallEast)
Vitaly, you're the coolest Russian ever!

As a Black dude I ... ( 4 months ago by Mensa MuSSA MuSSA)
As a Black dude I tried this and I got pepper spayed, -eyes still stinging

Array ( 3 months ago by Cortland Alden Gaming)
He's so persistent

Till this day I'm ... ( 2 months ago by heatwave59)
Till this day I'm still trying to figure something out a girl came to my job and was flirting with me but she says she has a boyfriend then eventually she gave me her number and we start talkin or whatever and she invited me to her house AND HER BOYFRIEND WAS THERE she invited me over so I could meet her boyfriend AND Boyfriend and I HAD THE WTF FACE and a fight nearly broke out and he is known for carrying a gun at times Y females so confusing???????? and the bitch still be hittin on me when I see her in the street guess she just wanted to fuck but shit to risky.

How does this video ... ( 1 month ago by Krapula Ankka)
How does this video have 15 million views if theres only 7 million people on earth? O_o

Is Vitaly talks ... ( 1 month ago by Xrisa Vasiliadou)
Is Vitaly talks like Bradley Cooper or is just me ??

VITALY IS AN ... ( 2 months ago by King Silvera)

I was born on the ... ( 1 month ago by MattPlaysMinecraft01)
I was born on the valentine's day :P

NETHERLANDS!!!!!!!! ... ( 2 months ago by Job Yildiz Meyer)

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