Luffy Vs Doflamingo Full Fight One Piece Prediction

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What Do You Think Is Doflamingo's Power & How Was He Flying? Will Someone Die In This Fight? Find Me On Facebook: Twitter: Gaming Channel- More ForneverWorld-

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Array ( 5 months ago by Marcos Gomes da Silva)
Pau no cu

I brought luffy at ... ( 5 months ago by trafalgar law)
I brought luffy at dressrosa because i knew that he will kick doflamingo's ass.

He uses strings to ... ( 4 months ago by Rach Robinson)
He uses strings to pull himself using the clouds.

Array ( 4 months ago by marouan lakhlil)

Doflamingo ate the ... ( 4 months ago by Romaine Francis)
Doflamingo ate the Puppet Fruit

I think dofla will ... ( 4 months ago by timbhoy abhe)
I think dofla will win first against Luffy but after short fight Luffy will overcome dofla ability.we see it from enel and beside Luffy is master it fully his df dofla will be in Empel down or death

ano bang pangalan ... ( 4 months ago by jenny atup)
ano bang pangalan ng last fight nila doflamingo

i hate this i love ... ( 4 months ago by Anja Ivkovic)
i hate this i love to fatch and he start to talk so sory but i dont like this

Array ( 4 months ago by stefano steno)
ma bocciri tontu

I think luffy might ... ( 3 months ago by Paul Sack)
I think luffy might be able to beat doflamingo, he grabbed kyros and dodged his attack. That shows that he can possibly keep up with him. Luffy also when pushed to his limits pulls off some powerful shit

That man is look ... ( 3 months ago by Angelo Algario)
That man is look like Blackbeard. :D

Lol, clown ... ( 2 months ago by Nenjis)
Lol, clown prediction, OP barely ever kills a character and you just made whole Killing spree in your prediction

Doflamingo fly by ... ( 6 months ago by Hong Ting)
Doflamingo fly by attaching a string to the clouds

is it true what's ... ( 2 months ago by Conor Mccaughley)
is it true what's going around that luffy get's ace's power ino if you eat two devil fruits your body cant take it but luffy is a rubber man so that might not happen to him, i think it is true cause like at the start of every show luffy wearing a fully red clothes witch could mean he can use fire know and when he was fighting the fish men there was a moment where luffy was fighting the fish men caption and his punch had luffy's second gear and haki and ace's fire fist in it so the writers like have to be heading that way right????????????????????????? please please please please tell me is it true or is it not true

he's flying because ... ( 2 months ago by Βίκυ Χριστ)
he's flying because he can you sky walk just like sanji :P

Manga actually has ... ( 2 months ago by youtoubakias)
Manga actually has reached close to the end of the arc,i can't wait to see the final battle and how luffy will kick doffy's ass and wipe out that nerve breaking smile from his face.Not to metnion those awfull glasses he wears,i hope in the battle will see and his eyes pop out when that hapens.

Array ( 1 week ago by Jabot bert)
shit video..

Do you guyz really ... ( 5 months ago by λάνης Κωνσταντίνος)
Do you guyz really believe that don is on luffy's level?DOn wont be even able to catch up with luffy this guy is almost invisible!

Array ( 1 month ago by Mohammad Soleh)
good the movie

Array ( 1 month ago by eduardz deloyola)

we dont need to ... ( 1 week ago by Jabot bert)
we dont need to hear what u say..we need to see the is not satisfied us..come on bro..

None Of This Talk ... ( 2 weeks ago by omar belhadj)
None Of This Talk Never Happened This Prediction Is The Worst Man !!

Array ( 13 hours ago by Joeland Ayeona)
Shut up

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