One Piece 695 Manga Chapter Review - Another Person On The Way

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My review of One Piece manga chapter 695, Leave It To Me. Let's Plays: Movie & TV Reviews: Facebook: Twitter:

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Nami did react to ... ( 1 year ago by Violentrl)
Nami did react to Kalifa's Soru, otherwise she would have been blitzed. Read the fight again. You're the one that brought up Buggy's feats and they're nowhere impressive as Nami's, once again you're dodging my point and nitpicking about how she was in a group -___-. It was a group attack and every attack was done accordingly, she played a role in her part, that's it. Cont...
Buggy is nowhere ... ( 1 year ago by Violentrl)
Buggy is nowhere near the fighter that Nami is. Luffy will surpass Roger and he should have power to destroy the world. You don't think Nami will have one of the strongest lightning attacks?
Nami matching Enel? ... ( 1 year ago by MoonStar)
Nami matching Enel? Come on.
Great chapter :) I ... ( 1 year ago by Violentrl)
Great chapter :) I really didn't expect Baby 5 and Buffalo to beaten easily. Good display by Franky, Nami and Usopp. Nami is a monster with the ability to control her lightning like that, by end of the series she'll match Enel. Its so strong that it finished Baby 5, who tanked General Cannon easily. Seems like her attack power is as impressive as ever. I dont know why so many people downplay Nami and consider her the weakest. Nami beating Kalifa shows that she is the strongest of weakling trio
Nami has never ... ( 1 year ago by MoonStar)
Nami has never reacted to Soru. What are you talking about. Nami attacked Oars when he was engaged with the other Strawhats. She set up a trap when he was preoccupied. Anyone can do that. What Pacifista has Nami defeated? And so what if she can create mirages? All Buggy needs to do is split his body apart and attack them simultaneously. And you're damn skippy I'm comparing Usopp to Buggy. They're both comedy 90% of the time.
Buggy not a better ... ( 1 year ago by MoonStar)
Buggy not a better fighter than Nami? Are you kidding? A single Buggy Ball and Nami is out. It's been two years for Buggy too you know. His skills have probably gotten even better since Marineford. The only chance Nami has to take out strong opponents is to either do so when they're weak or fight in a team.
i thought the bird ... ( 1 year ago by CaliVsAk)
i thought the bird was the bird that travels around with blackbeard n crew
A couple things. 1: ... ( 1 year ago by Simon Bloch)
A couple things. 1: Japanese names START with the family name, so the "donquixote family" is correct 2: I think that the person, despite common suspicion, is not Jimbe or Aokiji. I believe that it will be someone allied with Doflamingo, to make the two of them able to take on Luffy's allied forces. This will make for a more balanced battle. Perhaps it is Jack, and MAYBE many of Doflamingo's allies are coming!
last page on the ... ( 1 year ago by Killua)
last page on the bottom right hand corner kinda looks like aokiji wearing his sleeping mask that covers his eyes and his mouth is open
I think it's Mihawk ... ( 1 year ago by Pancham)
I think it's Mihawk sailing in his coffin
You never know what ... ( 1 year ago by PotterHeadMary)
You never know what Oda might have in mind....Anyway you cant deny that it really looks like him....And the lazy behavior also fits
The first person ... ( 1 year ago by MoonStar)
The first person that came to mind was Mihawk. He originally appeared at Baratie on a tiny boat and was sleeping. Plus I think I can see the sword.
If it were Aokiji ... ( 1 year ago by TypicalJ0e)
If it were Aokiji Oda wouldn't make it a mystery, he'd do what he did with Donflamingo and just say "AOIKJI IS ON HIS WAY!"
aokji ( 1 year ago by bngwatson87)
Yeah, maybe its Law ... ( 1 year ago by zoiks1000)
Yeah, maybe its Law crew coming to Punk Hazard in the end of the Manga...
I'm going to go ... ( 1 year ago by whitewolf378)
I'm going to go with Aokiji he seems just like him to fall asleep when heading somewhere
True, but Oda ... ( 1 year ago by TypicalJ0e)
True, but Oda always does things like this in order to troll fans, I doubt it is Aokiji, but even if it is, it will still be epic; however I still hope that it's someone knew
yo its most likely ... ( 1 year ago by JabrodahVlogs)
yo its most likely Mihawk remember he sails around on a little raft...coffin thing
chopper beat ... ( 1 year ago by Rif Dawg)
chopper beat kumadori aswell
i dont even think ... ( 1 year ago by Rif Dawg)
i dont even think he shuld be part of the weak trio
After you read it ... ( 1 year ago by SilentMillz)
After you read it on whatever website you read it on you should read it again on mangastream later.
Person at the end ... ( 1 year ago by OnePieceTalks)
Person at the end of the chapter, to me at least, appears to be Aokiji sleeping on some type of ship or vessel. He is always sleepy lol. That's my only guess, unless its a new character. But I cant figure out why Aokiji would want to go back to Punk Hazard if it is indeed him. Any thoughts?
A lot of the video ... ( 1 year ago by LuffyTheDragonSlayer)
A lot of the video is edited out. I just leave in the interesting parts.

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