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it comes out ... ( 1 year ago by zoro sword)
it comes out tomorrow.
lol, best review ... ( 1 year ago by roleplayerthegamer)
lol, best review ever.
I'm wondering just ... ( 1 year ago by xTheGloryXros)
I'm wondering just who that guy in the sea is. Since Doflamingo's DEFINITELY gonna be too hax for the Straw Hats, I'm assuming this guy's gonna either run into Doflamingo in the middle of the sea(which would be weird) or at Punk Hazard. A friend of mine guessed it was Aokiji, which I guess makes sense since he's lazy & sleeps...but the silhouette barely looks like it...then again, it's not very clear to begin with.
good find, i'll ... ( 1 year ago by BushidoSpearIT)
good find, i'll discuss that in the prediction video
I understand that ... ( 1 year ago by DatsDatBoyBlaze)
I understand that reasoning but we still haven't seen usopps limits he may get speed blitzed in a straight up fight, but we've seen ussop take tremendous damage before pre ts and keep on fighting. Speed is a big factor in a straight up hand to hand fight. But ussop at a distance with time to prep the battlefield hands down beats pre ts luffy.
It's in the ... ( 1 year ago by Alpha2late17)
It's in the mangastream translation
You better respect ... ( 1 year ago by ArsonTheArson)
You better respect Usopp
WTF Baby 5 and ... ( 1 year ago by blackmic01)
WTF Baby 5 and Buffalo are that weak.... yo come on that shit was lame smh. Man I was so hype for those two. I hope doflamingo kills both of them LMAO..... but for real I hope he kills both of them.
I caught up. When ... ( 1 year ago by BushidoSpearIT)
I caught up. When does toriko chapters come out?
naw, he was ... ( 1 year ago by BushidoSpearIT)
naw, he was confused when he saw Cesar. I mentioned that they said they won cuz baby and buffalo were retreating
I could see post- ... ( 1 year ago by Cajun Cooked)
I could see post-timeskip Usopp taking on pre-Enies Luffy, MAYBE, but throw in Gear 2nd and the current Usopp stands no chance against post-Enies Luffy.
Same day as Big 3 ( 1 year ago by Victor Swans)
Same day as Big 3
Usopp got boss on ... ( 1 year ago by Gearmaster2250)
Usopp got boss on they ass to.
Nice catch. ( 1 year ago by pubixcube27)
Nice catch.
chiyo in this bitch ( 1 year ago by thug8200)
chiyo in this bitch
We kept telling you ... ( 1 year ago by 1PceXperience)
We kept telling you that Franky was gonna handle that.
if you look closely ... ( 1 year ago by kayoh310)
if you look closely the person coming to punk hazard is riding on a bird it looks like aokiji
I notice your new ... ( 1 year ago by Kamina DaGreat)
I notice your new profile pic..... Granny Chiyo? lol nice
the people going to ... ( 1 year ago by The10532124)
the people going to punk hazard are laws crewmates
obviusly men :D you ... ( 1 year ago by XXXBARAKAXXX)
obviusly men :D you are good people
You forgot ... ( 1 year ago by Alpha2late17)
You forgot something - Buffalo said "You backstabber, Joker reserved The Seat Of Hearts for you." This implies that ranks in Doflamingo's Organisation are most likely based of playing cards - meaning that there is a Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs
It's Kuzan ( 1 year ago by DesportarFc)
It's Kuzan
Normally Thursdays. ... ( 1 year ago by Kamina DaGreat)
Normally Thursdays. But some times it'll get translated early(Wednesday nights)

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