One Piece Manga Chapter 695 Review - 'Jack' Coming to Punk Hazard?

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If forgot to mention that baby 5 referred to the donquixote family, that's interesting, why would she do that? Anyway, baby 5 and buffalo really got defeated too easy...

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I bet the ... ( 1 year ago by Traitor Red)
I bet the silhouette at the end was a rooster, I mean it has to be! If it isn't I'll lose my shit (basically portray the exact same expression as my icon.)
I'm satisfied with ... ( 1 year ago by Disinfectantanime)
I'm satisfied with the result of the fight.
I wonder if the ... ( 1 year ago by FireFistShanks1)
I wonder if the mystery person is enemies with doflamingo. So itll be luffy vs doflamingo vs mystery person. It'll be a three way fight , how beast would that be
Read the latest ... ( 1 year ago by Nytrox3000)
Read the latest chapter and you will know who it is.. *hint* blind guy.
dear Thejorishae, ... ( 1 year ago by Yuki gumarnament)
dear Thejorishae, can u watch my video and tell ur thoughts? XD
But mihawk isnt the ... ( 1 year ago by FireFistShanks1)
But mihawk isnt the type of guy that oversleeps or says " where am i". Hes to like calm cool and collected for that. It seems a bit out of character lol
Good chapter here. ... ( 1 year ago by xTheGloryXros)
Good chapter here. THANK YOU, Oda for not completely skipping out on showing Black Kabuto off! (Though I think the name "Chomping Grass" sounds a bit cheesy) And I dont quite get how that Weather Egg it CREATED, or is it an actual item in of itself? Either way, the attack itself, Thunder Breed Tempo, is pretty cool. I do agree that Buffalo & Baby 5 were taken out a bit too easy. Though General Cannon was EPIC!!! And I wonder who that is asleep in the sea. Aokiji?
Baby 5 and Buffalo ... ( 1 year ago by LazyArtist)
Baby 5 and Buffalo really weren't that weak, it's just that Franky completely raped them before Nami and Usopp showed up. In fact they both tanked an attack with the same destructive power as the Thousand Sunny's Gaon Cannon, got sent flying into a huge glacier, and stood back up. That's some impressive shit. After something like that, of course Nami and Usopp could finish them off.
It's Mihawk. Oda's ... ( 1 year ago by gajeebant)
It's Mihawk. Oda's foreshadowed a connection between DoFlamingo and Mihawk from the very start. You can observe them both wearing the exact same X shaped armband in various appearances of theirs throughout the manga. Maybe they're are brothers or were part of some secret organisation? Either way from the silhouette - the large cross shaped sword at the back, the laid out pose etc etc - it's Mihawk on his coffin ship travelling to Punk Hazard. I suspect he's just seen the broadcast.
To remember the ... ( 1 year ago by FoxDie85)
To remember the justice he lost to it.
it's kaido 100% sure ( 1 year ago by massivepropaganda)
it's kaido 100% sure
yea might be, i can ... ( 1 year ago by Thejorishae)
yea might be, i can see his sword in that last panel. Nice catch.
Well that's a good ... ( 1 year ago by Thejorishae)
Well that's a good question lol
looks like mihawk ( 1 year ago by Ka1s5r)
looks like mihawk
If you zoom in it ... ( 1 year ago by TheRevolutionaryDrag)
If you zoom in it appears to be somebody sitting on a bird. He also sounds alot like Aokiji. Im guessing its gonna be Aokiji or "Jack"
maybe this guy is ... ( 1 year ago by TheJutoV)
maybe this guy is related to luffys family because they always fell asleep in the middle of doing something and here he fell asleep while going to punk hazard.
no its not aokiji ... ( 1 year ago by MsZubair100)
no its not aokiji trust me
me, i actually ... ( 1 year ago by HenryAnimationz)
me, i actually enjoyed franky, nami and usopp defeating them really. it was satisfying to see usopp capture CC.
While I liked ... ( 1 year ago by origamipein18)
While I liked seeing Nami and Usopp get their time to shine, I will admit that Buffalo and Baby 5 getting defeated was just waaay too easy...oh well. Ch. 696 was ok. I'd like to know who that mystery guy is, too...could be Jack. You never know.
I think he is the ... ( 1 year ago by Jaber M)
I think he is the person named "Jack" aswell
Jack might be an ... ( 1 year ago by swagnarok)
Jack might be an alias for Kaido
Who ever it is I ... ( 1 year ago by duckpayton)
Who ever it is I hope he/she is one of the new species Oda was talking about
Its Mihawk! ( 1 year ago by SSJSontrex3)
Its Mihawk!

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