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But Cain boxing ... ( 1 year ago by John Marcelo Lazarte)
But Cain boxing skills proves that He is better than JDS even in stand up position, just like what Cain did in their rematch,, anyway it's only my opnion :)
yeah but its OK for ... ( 1 year ago by CrazyOnesX3)
yeah but its OK for skinheads to say hail hitler and have the Nazi flag and there not even germens.. idiot !
sooo????? ( 1 year ago by doggyhouse360)
Cain is one sick ... ( 1 year ago by Hard2killification)
Cain is one sick fighter, in this sport it doesn't matter if you have muscles or not. anyone can get k.o
cain velasquez is ... ( 1 year ago by john smekerau)
cain velasquez is the terminator
I was addressing ... ( 1 year ago by SUPERRUGBYFAN4LIFE)
I was addressing the comment to the bandwagons. I don't have a problem with people being proud of their descent, but don't let nationalism play a part of it. If you're a fan of Cain and he wins a big fight, it's ok to feel proud for him but don't act as if his win is a big victory for all of Mexico because it's not a war, it's a sport.
jajajaja buena ... ( 1 year ago by mexicanboy1280)
jajajaja buena cerrada de trompa les a dado mi paisano cain
COME ON BIGFOOT ... ( 1 year ago by Johnny Rocket)
agreed. cant wait ... ( 1 year ago by pRroe)
agreed. cant wait to see that whole card
Well you don't know ... ( 1 year ago by 4pl3x)
Well you don't know what the fuck you are talking about, Overeem beating JDS isn't gonna happen ever, JDS is a much better striker, got more power in his fists and punches much cleaner and quicker and everyone always tries to bring up Overeems k1 carrer but he has never looked very good on his feet and especially now without roids his a nobody and JDS vs Overeem wont happen because Overeem pulled out and Mark hunt is in which will be a much better striking battle.
Eso es cain. ... ( 1 year ago by Ramiro Guerrero)
Eso es cain. Demuestrale a todos que tu eres el mejor. Cain Velasquez es mi idolo.
I think cain ... ( 1 year ago by RICKGON42)
I think cain velasquez is going to destroy bigfoot silva in the first round again and with mark hunt and jds thats going to be a good fight i think mark hunt will win by a ko and will fight cain for the belt and that will be a good fight !!
I mean don't get me ... ( 1 year ago by SUPERRUGBYFAN4LIFE)
I mean don't get me wrong if Matthew Macklin was fighting in a big title fight (which he is this month) I would probably go for him. He's fighting Gennady Golovkin but I don't he'll win this fight, but it would be cool if he won. I'm not saying it's pointless to cheer for athletes or teams, but again don't let nationalism play a part.
Cain all the way!!!! ( 1 year ago by Roman Vargas)
Cain all the way!!!!
they said overeem ... ( 1 year ago by OwenSnip)
they said overeem will rape bigfoot and every1 saw what happened, the same shit talk is happening again but this time is cain lol .. we will see what happens
HAHA! you actually ... ( 1 year ago by charlie Manson)
HAHA! you actually believe that don't you? did you not see the domination that cain put on big foot in their first fight? fuck man big foot got lucky against overeem and now you're talking about him as if he is the champion. Big foot is not on the same level as Valasquez, Overeem or Dos Santos...those 3 are the only real contenders for the belt.
darn it sorry ... ( 1 year ago by Rafael leon mundo)
darn it sorry bigfoot
Gain #1... Bigfoot ... ( 1 year ago by Timothy Edmon)
Gain #1... Bigfoot suck..
I know he's of ... ( 1 year ago by SUPERRUGBYFAN4LIFE)
I know he's of Mexican descent, but he's legally American. I'm aware of the brown pride tattoo on his chest. And thank you captain hindsight for pointing out his mouth piece that I've seen so many times. The point that I'm trying to make is don't be pointlessly patriotic about sports for no reason. It annoys me when people who aren't of Hispanic descent jump on the bandwagon and show off their so-called Mexican pride just because a fighter they like does it.
huevonaso, los ... ( 1 year ago by Sun Sand)
huevonaso, los Mexicanos tambien son Latinos! deja de ser tan separatista. Somos uno, entiendelo!
JDS will fuck up ... ( 1 year ago by jakobi land)
JDS will fuck up mark hunt
junior is going to ... ( 1 year ago by haragon rainbow)
junior is going to win after his loss to cain hes going to be looking for redempetion CIGANO CIGANO CIGANO !
Eso es cain. ... ( 1 year ago by Ramiro Guerrero)
Eso es cain. Demuestrale a todos quien es el mero mero. Cain Velasquez es mi idolo.

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